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'A Music Break'

During an acoustic music performance there comes a period where the artists need a break before their next session. This photo depicts one of those well deserved breaks.

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Weren’t you as kid curious about things, checking out what works and what doesn’t, what creepy crawly things you see in the garden, being inquisitive, wondering, ready to poke around and figure something out. It is good to be curious as it shows you are expressing the desire to know more.

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'Blue Harley-Davidson'

As part of a photographic DVD project that I was working on some time ago in capturing the many aspects of motorcycles in the suburbs of Melbourne, with this photograph I wanted to emphasise the movement and closeness one has with the ever-popular Harley-Davidson. 


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'Urban Decay'

I like the contrast of the old and new buildings in the city of Melbourne (Australia). There is a sense of loss in this pic. The male pedestrian seems to have a lot on his mind. Photo taken in 2009.

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I attended a community fair called the Knox Community Festival in Victoria, Australia in 2009. The festival offering a lot of attractions and exhibitions. Across the football ground I saw in the distance a gentleman walking with his Penny-fathing bicycle and I immediately thought this image would look great in monochrome, and perhaps be presented in an older style appearance of days gone by. So here is the result. A Penny-farthing was popular in the 1870s and 1880s.

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'An Artistic Moment'

What better place to do some painting, with your loyal dog by your side, than on the banks of the Yarra River, Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia.

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'A Romantic Sunset'

It was a warm evening just before sunset when people were taking advantage of the closing of the day in the town of Frankston, Victoria, Australia. Two close people were appreciating the moment, a romantic moment.

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