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The Hills Photographic Society Photograph Competition 'Autumn' theme, May 2018

The Hills Photographic Society announced the results of the May Competition titled 'Autumn'. John Weeks' photo 'Rhododendron Gardens in Autumn' was placed 2nd.

20170906 - New Zealand music site, Audio Culture, publishes music photos by John Weeks

John Weeks is very grateful to the editors of the New Zealand music site, AudioCulture, for requesting and publishing his photos of the musician Jimmie Sloggett. AudioCulture is an online celebration of the people who have created the music, the scenes they shaped, and the audiences they played to.

Here are the links to AudioCulture websites :

20170828 - Australian singer/musician, Joe Creighton, is using the photo (B&W), taken by John Weeks, to promote his Couch concerts on Facebook.

20170126 - Photo by John Weeks provided for the Reconciliation Victoria covering the event covering the event Belgrave Survival Day 2017

20160106 - NEW Digital Photography Book by John Weeks

Birds featured in this digital book are : Australasian Grebe, Australian Magpie, Australian Magpie-lark, Australian Pelican, Australian Raven, Black Swan, Blackbird, Black-Winged Stilt, Brolga, Cattle Egret, Common Bronzewing, Common Mynah, Common Starling, Crested Pigeon, Crimson Rosella, Darter, Dusky Moorhen, Eastern Yellow Robin, Emu, Eurasian Coot, European Goldfinch, Feral Pigeon, Flame Robin, Galah, Gang-Gang Cockatoo, Golden Whistler, Great Cormorant, Great Egret, Grey Currawong, House Sparrow, Laughing Kookaburra, Little Pied Cormorant, Long-billed Corella, Mallard, Maned (Wood) Duck, Musk Lorikeet, Muscovy duck, New Holland Honeyeater, Noisy Miner, Pacific Black Duck, Pacific Gull, Pied Currawong, Pied Heron, Purple Swamphen, Rainbow Lorikeet, Red Wattlebird, Scarlet Robin, Silver Gull, Silvereye (eastern race), Spotted Turtle-Dove, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, Superb Fairy-wren, Welcome Sparrow, White-Browed Scrubwren, White-Faced Heron, Willie Wagtail, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Yellow-Tufted Honeyeater.

20151000 - Photos by John Weeks provided for the Newsletter 'Reach Out For Christ International 2015'

"Dear John, Thank you so much for taking all these photos. God Bless" ... Rose Hamulczyk, Reach Out For Christ International, October 2015

20150800 - Photo by John Weeks, published in the magazine HillScene

Winter Edition of the The HillScene magazine [Victoria, Australia]

Photo by John Weeks is highlighted in red border below....

20150729 - Photo by John Weeks, as part of the Bendigo Bank video promotions

Dandenong Ranges Community Bank Group had released their new advert on the BIG SCREEN at Cameo Belgrave Cinema.  

[photo above was sourced from Facebook]

20150700 - Photo published in the July 2015 edition of IntraVic

The Seventh-Day Adventist Victoria published online and Magazine format, IntraVic, a photo by John Weeks of volunteer worker, Don Stanford.

20150623 - Photos of Belgrave Lantern Parade 2015

The Mail Ranges Trader published, online and Newspaper format, 3 photos by John Weeks covering the Belgrave Lantern Parade 2015


Source : http://rangestrader.starcommunity.com.au/mail/2015-06-22/parade-lights-up-hills/

Photo by John Weeks is highlighted in red border below....

Source : .http://www.weekendnotes.com/belgrave-lantern-parade/

20150608 - Ann Creber's radio show The Good Life

Today John Weeks was a guest on Ann Creber's radio show The Good Life on radio station 3MDR 97.1 FM Live and Streaming worldwide www.3mdr.com. John was talking about his recent experiences in the Philippines and other photography projects..

Later, in Ann's online newsletter, Ann Creber Collections - WordPress.com, she states:

John Weeks recently spent 6 weeks in the Philippines travelling with a group of Seventh Day Adventist missionaries, and this gave him the opportunity of meeting and speaking with people the average tourist would never encounter.

He was impressed with the welcome and warmth the locals offered the group and shared a wide range of interesting experiences. These included a visit to a jail, where the visitors were welcomed by prisoners. John visited several times and was shocked to be told that if a prisoner could not afford a defence, he or she could be kept there indefinitely. He noted too that most of the prisoners were heavily tattooed, but did not see anybody in the general public with tatts.

He did note how many young people in the cities carried mobile phones, often one in each hand!

He was invited to speak to a group and accepted, expecting to have an audience of perhaps 100. He was amazed and flattered when about 1000 people arrived and listened attentively throughout his speech!

As a keen photographer, of course he took photos constantly as they travelled and in due course these will appear on his website. We are still enjoying photos taken on his Indian trip, so I'm looking forward to these new additions.

20150602 - Ranges Trader Mail newspaper

Photo by John Weeks

Story 'Society say on developments' by Victoria Stone-Meadows, Ranges Trader Mail, 02 June 2015

Member for Monbulk James Merlino and former Shadow Planning Minister Brian Tee at Tecoma McDonald's announcing the planned changes in 2014.

Source: http://rangestrader.starcommunity.com.au/mail/2015-06-02/society-say-on-developments/

20150601 - Letter of Appreciation from Upwey Township Group Inc

20150411 - The community of Santa Cruz, Philippines viewing the photos of John Weeks

20150331 - Promotion Photo by John Weeks for Cultural Infusion International Tours

Photo by John Weeks

"This culturally immersive experience offers you the opportunity to deeply engage with Cambodia’s complex political history and developmental challenges, including visits to key temples such as the Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple. Also you’ll visit museums such as Landmine museum and Angkor Borei. Participants will experience all that Cambodia’s rich culture has to offer including traditional rural life in Kampot, Cambodian market life and opportunities to plunge yourself in to the delicious Cambodian......" http://culturalinfusion.org.au/international-tours/

John Weeks thanks Cultural Infusion for using his image (as above) for this international tour promotion.

20141020 - Photographic Award - 2014 Bendigo Bank Calendar Photography Competition

20140803 - 20140914 - Exhibition : 'Grassroots Democracy: An Exploration Into The Battle For Tecoma'

John Week's photography, along with two other photographers, was displayed at the Exhibition titled 'Grassroots Democracy - An Exploration Into The Battle of Tecoma'. The venue was the Museum of Australian Democracy (M.A.D.E.) in the town of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia...

20140700 - Photos published in the Yarra Valley & Ranges Country Life

Country Life Publishing published two photos [highlighted in red border below] by John Weeks for the article 'Lanterns Light Up Belgrave', featured in their glossy magazine Yarra Valley & Ranges Country Life, Winter edition 2014.

20140700 - Photo by John Weeks featured on the masthead of the Bendigo Bank Newsletter July 2014

20140400 - Victorian Skateboarding Association

The Victorian Skateboarding Association, via their website http://www.skateboardingvictoria.org.au/slalom-longboard, promoting skateboarding photos of John Weeks ...

20140331 - Certificate of Thanks - Upwey Billy Cart Races 2014

20140323 - Photo of 'No McDonald's In Tecoma' published online by Right Now


About Right Now I/O :

Right Now I/O
Worldwide Breaking News
Right Now I/O is experimental, fully automated* breaking news site based on images from Twitter created by Petr Spelda, petr@rightnow.io, @rightnowio, @rightnowio_feed, Facebook 
*with occasional human intervention, of course

20131200 - No McDonald's In Tecoma 2014 Calendar

John Week's photos are featured in the 'No McDonald's In Tecoma 2014 Calendar'.  John's photos are framed in red ...

20130801 - FatSpace Exhibition

FatSpace in Tecoma (Victoria, Australia) is an artist's run space in Tecoma tackling contentious, confronting, current and controversial community issues.

McDonald's wants to build a 24 hour drive thru next door!

Exhibition : High Resvolution

Foreword to the above booklet : Wikipedia that bastion of truth, devotes over half of its entry for Tecoma to the McDonalds controversy. History can explain the present and capturing that present makes for a better future. While Tecoma remains immersed in its David and Goliath struggle with multinational McDonalds, photographers Glenn Stephenson and John Weeks have captured our present with prescience and sensitivity.

High Resvolution, the exhibition presents but a fraction of their works, but what is there cuts through to the personal, the idiosyncratic account.

Their images reveal who we are and how we relate to the world now. But is there anything in our past that hinted at why small town Tecoma of all small towns would become the David in the struggle with the corporate giant McDonalds? We have selected a tiny portion of Charles Hammond's collection from the State Library of Victoria to provide some hint of how we might have got here. There is something of the cultivated larrikan in Charlie Hammond. The moving record of his life with 'sweetheart' Gussie, his delightful illustrations of early Tecoma, garden birds and long-gone tea parties reverberate still.

Even his concrete garden creatures provide an echo for the Tecoma gnomes. We thank all our contributors. Glenn Stephenson, John Weeks, all the other photographers, Charles Hammond Collection from the State Library of Victoria.


A Thank You, as stated in the booklet :

Thank you Glenn Stephenson, John Weeks and all the other contributors for the photography, to the Tecoma 8 for their bravery and to all the community who have given their time, their money and their love in a hundred creative ways to protect the Dandenong Ranges from corporate domination

20130718 - The Guardian newspaper, UK

The Guardian newspaper in the UK published photos by John Weeks


John's photos are framed in red ...

20130625 - Eastern Regional Libraries

Eastern Regional Libraries, Victoria, Australia stated on their Facebook website :

What a way to celebrate the Winter Soltice! Here's just a taste of some of the magic created at the annual Belgrave Lantern Parade. Belgrave Library was also a welcome escape from the chilly night and a storytelling session was enjoyed by many. Images courtesy of talented local photographer John Weeks. 

20130300 - Bendigo Bank Uses Photo by John Weeks for the masthead of their newsletter

To view John's earlier achievements go to the folder Achievements 2 in the above menu or click on the the photo below ...

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